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We have a great selection of the best tower and bookshelf speakers. They are on display for you to audition at prices from $200 to upwards of $20,000.

On display we have bookshelf speakers from Paradigm, PSB, Martin Logan, Wharfdale and Golden Ear which start at only 250pr.

If your looking for an audiophile quality higher end bookshelf speaker we have Focal, Vienna Acoustics, Quad, Spendor, Epos, Kef and Revel which all offer amazing performance in their respective price range.

We also have a full selection of great floor standing speakers to listen to including the entire Martin Logan Reference electrostatic series, Class A from PSB, Revel, Focal, and Quad; and amazing performance/value from Vienna Acoustics, Paradigm, Golden Ear, Epos, Wharfdale, Spendor, Definitive Technology and more!

Also look out for the new Triton2 from Golden Ear, a revolutionary product utilizing an air motion tweeter offering unbelievable value and unprecedented acclaim!